FAERIECON... An Adventure in Fairy Fun FAERIECON…An adventure in Fairy Fun!

WOW! What an amazing month the Whispering Willow Fairies have had.  Starting with our first ever appearance at the “Faeriecon” event in Philadelphia, October 10-12.  We met so many wonderful “fairy” friends there and the experience was truly unique for all those that attended the celebration of fae!  Our booth was the perfect backdrop for our magical fairy display set up to resemble a tiny corner of the Fairy Glen.  The Whispering Willow Fairies were able to spread their fancy wings and enjoy the weekend in magical fashion.  Please take a look at our photos from the event for a peek at all the “fairy fun” experienced by us and all those attended!  Definitely fairy fun for EVERYONE!  Enjoy!

Whispering Willow Fairies QVC Debut show…behind the scenes!

The Whispering Willow Fairies debut show on QVC was amazing and we would like to send out a big fairy thanks for all of those that tuned in to watch the magic unfold.  The setting for the show was an outdoor garden scene, complete with big wicker chairs, ivy, ferns and of course the Whispering Willow Fairies.  Tatianna was the star of the show with a stellar sales performance and the Wee Babe’s ran a close second as so many of you fell in love with these adorable little fairies.  We’re hoping that we get invited back again soon, but in the meantime you can always find the Whispering Willow Fairies available for purchase on our website!  Check out our pics for a behind the scenes look at the fairies QVC debut show.