In Your Words

We at Charisma are committed to bringing you dolls that touch your heart, make you smile or helps you capture
a moment in time. When we do this, we love to hear from you so we can share your excitement with collectors everywhere. “In Your Words” is a section of our website dedicated solely to that!

So please, tell us your story!

Dear Peggy,

Along with other members of Marie Doll Friends, I have become fascinated with the intriguing line of Whispering Willows. It is very different and delightful line. As you are the Vice President of Marketing & Product Development of Charisma Brands, we would like to suggest that this line be expanded. Personally, I am going to write to QVC and ask for more QVC shows of the Whispering Willow line. The one show in 2008 was not advertised enough to QVC customers.

Also, let me say that the Charisma website sale of 40% off of everything was spectacular! I purchased several of the Whispering Willows, and only wish that I could do it again! The sale allowed me to obtain my very first group of Whispering Willow Fairies, as I missed the first and only QVC show that presented this fascinating and fun line!

Thank you and everyone at Charisma for this sale!!!

Please keep customers informed of any new creations in the Whispering Willow Fairies!


Chris, MDF - DollsMakeMeSmile


Dear Charisma

Thank you so much for the incredible new series of Fairy dolls, Whispering Willow Fairies! I was very pleased when I received my Tatianna; the attention to the littlest details is the first thing I noticed when I opened the box. Or should I say I noticed it before I even opened the box. The impressive presentation of this new series starts with the box itself and just gets better. Each doll is lovingly packed in a manner that speaks volumes about the care taken to make sure our new doll experience is everything we hoped for. As for the doll itself, every little feature is so intricately sculpted, right down to the pointy fairy ears. Luscious materials make up the fairy attire. My imagination is inspired to create the perfect setting to display this wonderful new series of dolls. I can't wait to see more of them!

Cheryl Pelletier