How to See Fairies

Fairies are rarely seen by humans so here are a few tricks you can use in order to see them:

Legend says that if you pick a four leaf clover and lie quietly in a field, you will soon be surrounded with dancing fairies. You can also look for a stone that has a hole naturally bored into it by running water. Just look through the hole and you will see fairies. Oh, and the most important way to see fairies is to just BELIEVE!!!! As we say around here...since the fairies have joined Charisma - "Magic happens when you BELIEVE!"

Fresh flowers and laughter are the best ways of attracting fairies and the Whispering Willow Fairies are no exception to this rule. They love nature and tending to the care of the earth.

The best places to find fairies are in the "tween places" like forks in the road, where streams divide or border hedges; the best time to find them is in the "tween times" like dusk or dawn. Until you are attuned to the fairy realm you may not see their approach, however, an unexplained ripple in water or a sudden chill may indicate their presence and their wish for you to join them.