Adora 18" 4-ever Friends "Madison"

Adora 18" 4-ever Friends "MADISON" Doll to Appear on ABC THIS Friday Night's "What Would you DO? show with John Quinones.  "What would you do" taped this week's episode at, The Toy Box in Pearl River, NY.  The Toy Box, among other toy retailers feature the complete line of ethnicity diverse dolls under the Adora Friends collection, The Girl Scouts and Wizard of OZ® labels. The beautifully sculpted dolls are hand crafted in resilient life-like and exclusive Caressalyn™ vinyl.  Each ethnically diverse doll has individually sculpted faces with open-close eyes, five points of articulation (neck, shoulders,legs) and beautiful long hair.  For ages 6+.

Since its debut at the International Toy Fair in New York earlier this year Adora 4-ever Friends collection is quickly becoming a category favorite, "Because being a Friend is one of the best gifts you can give!"