In Your Words

We at Charisma are committed to bringing you dolls that touch your heart, make you smile or helps you capture
a moment in time. When we do this, we love to hear from you so we can share your excitement with collectors everywhere. “In Your Words” is a section of our website dedicated solely to that!

So please, tell us your story!

"I was moving groups of dolls around in my doll room this week, when I opened a closet and saw my childhood Penny Brite doll smiling up at me! This made me smile back--Penny is such a sweet doll, and I have great memories of playing with her when I was a little girl. For the uninitiated, Penny Brite was a small (about 9 inches tall) child fashion doll from the mid 1960s. Created by Deluxe Reading, Penny was brought back last year by Marie Osmond's Charisma dolls. Best of all, vintage Penny is still easy to find for great prices on eBay!"

Denise Van Patten