Decorating Tips

A house becomes a home when you… accessorize! Just like adding a piece of jewelry to your fashion ensemble enriches and personalized your outfit, accessorizing your home adds warmth, charm and an increased level of comfortability that truly turns a house into a home. The accessories, artwork and décor in your home are direct reflections of your personality, interests, taste and style. May I suggest that you come home to Marie Osmond Dolls?

Don’t be afraid to decorate rooms and spaces that aren’t typically the place you think of displaying a doll, such as adorning a bathroom soap dish with a smaller doll, or beautifying an unused corner in your kitchen with a food-themed cutie, or placing a storybook-themed doll on your bookshelf.

Large candle pillars, candy trays and ice cream dishes make a great base for Tiny Tots! Use plant stands, benches, ottomans or even a vintage suitcase or a stack of them as a base for several toddlers. Stack some of your favorite books or decorative hat boxes on top of each other as a beautiful place for your dolls to sit and be seen. Set the mood and add the “magic” with twinkle lights.

Boil and bubble, toil and trouble...

I love to decorate my house inside and out at Halloween time! Adora Scarecrow Belle™ is the perfect addition to your Fall home decor and Halloween decorations.
Accent with some colorful leaves, a pumpkin, a gourd or two and you'll have a Not so scary but Adora Belle™ centerpiece!

Every Season!

With Falling for You, you can bring the four seasons into your home as you rotate seasonal dolls in & out of your décor to reflect the distinct beauty of outdoors, inside!

Theme It!

Displaying entire themed collections of dolls together, such as the Rag a Muffins and Rack, can really create a focal point in a room, making an intriguing and interesting conversation piece.