Artist Bios

Sandra Bilotto

Artist, Sandra Bilotto, is a gifted award winning American doll artist and knows what makes collectors feel good. From the time she was a little girl, she was always using her hands to build or create things. She loved sewing doll dresses, making puppets, and building doll theatres. As she grew, she studied the violin, but a greater dream was to become a violin maker. She studied art in high school and apprenticed to a violin maker before going on to college where she studied three dimensional designs. She worked for several toy companies and went back to NYU post graduate medical school to become a prosthetist-orthodist. Her reputation for quality is unsurpassed and she sculpts with elegance, great sensitivity and perfection. Don’t miss Sandra’s latest addition to the Artista Doll line, "Spring Heirloom".

Kymberli Durden

Artist, Kymberli Durden, is a daughter, grand-daughter, wife, and mother. As a grand-daughter, she was taught to appreciate and to develop art. As a wife and mother, she has been provided a close-up view of the myriad emotions that children’s faces reveal. She has been introduced to some form of art since her beloved grandmother taught her to crochet at the tender age of five. "My God-given love and desire to create has bloomed continually from that point. As an artist, I am fascinated by the art form of doll making and the many great artists that have come before me." Kymberli says, "It is these two things that drive me, and that peaks my passion and love. A passion and love so strong that I find myself working from dusk to dawn researching and applying the techniques of this great art form."

Don’t miss Kymberli's latest addition to the Artista Doll line, "A Day at the Zoo".

Pat Moulton

Artist, Pat Moulton, has been an artist for as long as she can remember, with oil painting, drawing and sculpting to her credit. She is a self-taught artist learning by trial and error. She is always open to learning and strives for the best so that she can give her very best to others. She comes from a family of artists. Her grandmother was an artist, an aunt and uncle as well as her mother. It was just in the cards that art would be her career. As a young person, Pat's first career was a licensed hair stylist and salon owner. She then had three children and four grandchildren with a great supporting husband by her side to make sculpting her career. She has many published articles on how to sculpt. She also teaches others in a classroom setting on how to sculpt. She is always willing to share the art of sculpting with others.

Don't miss Pat’s latest addition to the Artista Doll line, "Grandma’s Little Girl".

Jane Pinkstaff

Artist, Jane Pinkstaff, discovered sculpting about 10 years ago when she stumbled upon some clay in her son’s room, found it intriguing and began “playing” with it. Although Jane came from a family of artists, she had always been considered the “math and science” type. After discovering her talent, she found herself drawn to the challenge of duplicating the human face, emphasizing realism and attention to the smallest detail. Today, Jane’s specialty is sculpting realistic, life-sized, one-of-a-kind babies. The life-like babies have been featured in many doll and collector magazines and Jane’s one-of-a-kind dolls are considered treasured collectibles. Today, Jane lives in Livonia, Michigan with her husband and is a beloved mother and grandmother. Don’t miss Jane’s latest addition to the Artista Doll line, “Pink a Poo”.

Donna RuBert

Artist, Donna RuBert, was a born artist. From childhood she honed her skills and studied with renowned artists the world over. While still in her twenties she was awarded a lifetime teaching certificate for California colleges and taught her unique and realistic method of painting and drawing for eighteen years. Donna enjoyed years of success with her painting but she could not touch her painted subjects so she decided to try combining painting with sculpting, and in 1990 her first doll, “June” was born. In this one doll, Donna finally found the magic she had been searching for all of her life. Her superb oil portraits, portrait sculptures and dolls are recognized worldwide. Today, Donna lives in Roach, Missouri with her husband and is a beloved mother and grandmother.

Don’t miss Donna's latest addition to the Artista Doll line, "Little Timeless Treasure".

Rachel Scott

Artist, Rachel Scott, the daughter of renowned doll artist Karen Scott, was constantly surrounded by creativity while growing up. She remembers going to many doll shows with her mother and grandmother. She loved seeing all of the dolls and spending time with her family at the same time. At 19, Rachel tried her hand at sculpting a head, not knowing that the “creativity” inside of her would soon take over. Her mom has taught her a lot and she is grateful for that. Who would have thought that all of her “mess making” as a child was actually preparing her for her future. Watch for Rachel’s next addition to the Artista Doll line.