Wholesale Customers

Charisma Brands values the cooperation and support we receive from Wholesale Customers committed to the promotion, marketing and sales of our fine quality products to doll lovers nationwide.

Charisma offers a range of high quality, proprietary dolls (with unique sculpting, painting, costuming and accessories) – many of which are made in one-time limited editions.

As the nature and value of our dolls lie in the fact that they are desirable, exclusive and command a premium price in the market, the way in which they are marketed also needs to reflect that image.

Charisma selects Wholesale Customers who are dedicated to our brand and committed to providing purchasers of our products – many of whom are discriminating collectors – with appropriate information about our products as well as any services required after the sale.

If you would like additional information regarding our Retail Policy, Terms and Conditions or Credit Policy, please contact us at 800-779-5335 or e-mail WholesaleSupport@charismabrands.com