Doll Hospital

Doll Hospital Policy:

Unfortunately, the dolls do not have a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. While we make our best effort to repair or replace defective parts, we often do not have the materials on hand to make the repair. Our doll hospital guideline is to try and keep some parts on hand for approximately 2 years. Each doll is a hand made collectible and excess parts are not manufactured. We can only get replacement parts from other dolls which have been damaged and “parted-out”.

Please contact Charisma Brands Doll Hospital/Customer Service, to check for availability of supplies, replacement parts, possibility and cost of repair

Storage and Doll Care

  • When you purchase a doll, be certain to save all packaging, certificates and inserts. This adds to the value if you ever want to sell your doll on the secondary market.  Dolls (excluding antiques) without their original package have a lower resale value.
  • For long term storage of dolls, put a layer of acid free tissue between the doll and the fabric to help keep colors and dyes from bleeding.   Make sure you check your stored dolls on a regular basis to make sure there are no issues with insects, dampness and crushing.
  • Regular cleaning of porcelain and vinyl can be done with a soft cloth and distilled water – no soap, bleach or chlorine products.
  • If you have a cloth doll, you can vacuum it through a layer of netting, but never vacuum silk.
  • Not everyone chooses to put their dolls in glass cases (which limits dust), since decorating with dolls is so much fun.  The best way to keep them clean and fresh is to dust them on a regular basis, just as you dust your home.  Using a large, soft brush works well on porcelain, vinyl and even hair.
  • One of the biggest causes of damage to dolls is sunlight and smoke.  Be sure to keep your dolls in areas out of direct sunlight, even long exposure to fluorescent light.  Even if there are no smokers in your home, consider the effect of smoke from a fireplace.