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Introducing The "Paradise Galleries" Affiliate Program (formerly known as Charisma Brands Affiliate Program… maker of Marie Osmond Dolls and other fine giftables!)

What is an Affiliate?  The Paradise Galleries Affiliate Program is a great way to earn BIG money at no risk to you!  There’s no need to carry any inventory, process and fulfill orders, or hassle with credit card payments! 

A Paradise Galleries Affiliate is an independent party that promotes our products in exchange for a commission on sales.  We supply you with ads, text links and product links that can be used on your web site, in e-mail campaigns, or in search listings.  You receive commissions up to 15% of the shipped retail sale when consumers click through to purchase Paradise Galleries products!  When the customer places an order, the cookie information is automatically tracked and gives you credit for facilitating the sale!

Charisma/Paradise Galleries has been a California-based creator, developer, and marketer of award-winning collectible, gift and specialty products since 1990.

At Charisma/Paradise Galleries, we know that the right doll will stir emotions, evoke warm memories or create new ones. With the Holiday shopping season quickly approaching, we want to team up with you to make it a great year!

We offer a great selection of collectible and gift giving dolls and figurines to suit every budget. From the beautiful Marie Osmond Dolls to the classic Kewpie, magical Whispering Willow Fairies to authentic Penny Brite and Candy Fashion … we have what you dream of!

One of the leading doll companies in the industry, Charisma/Paradise Galleries offers celebrity driven product with national TV exposure, new, easy-to-navigate shopping, generous launch commissions, multiple banner ads, consumer promotions and affiliate support.

Join the Paradise Galleries Affiliate Program and find out what a difference a doll makes!

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Jamie Birch - Affiliate Manager
800-208-6215 x101